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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aluminum?

For decades, the versatility and flexibility of aluminum has stirred the imagination of designers, engineers, and architects and has made this the material of choice for numerous product applications.  Aluminum is a lightweight, durable, easy to clean, non-toxic, UV and moisture resistant finish. It is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Choosing the Right Frame

Your aluminum frame cabinet door design should match the overall design of your kitchen. Are you looking for ‘frameless’  look or visibility of the aluminum? You can choose from our wide or narrow aluminum frames depending on how much aluminum reveal you want to see. If you are trying to match your aluminum frame cabinet doors to your kitchen appliances, look for matching brushed stainless steel anodizing options. Other popular anodizing options include natural aluminum, polished chrome, mirror, brushed bronze, etc. Whatever your design is, our custom aluminum extrusions and glass insert selection will give your cabinets a clean, modern, and exquisite look.

What Is Anodizing?

By definition, anodizing is a process for finishing aluminum alloys that employs electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum surface to produce a protective oxide coating.

Is Anodizing Safe?

When it comes to coatings, anodizing is as safe and environmentally friendly a process as is available today.

**If you are unsure of how a particular finish might look in person, we highly recommend purchasing samples.

Available Finishes

  • Brushed Aluminum: Our most popular and cost efficient anodizing option. This clean and sleek finish has a silver/grey matte appearance.
  • Brushed Aluminum: Similar to Natural Aluminum, but has a familiar brushed look. Is more durable than Natural Aluminum from a visual standpoint.
  • Chrome: Has a shiny, bright, and smooth appearance.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel: High quality anodizing finish specifically created to match most stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • Polished Chrome: Similar to our Chrome finish, but slightly muted. Polished chrome is shinier than natural aluminum, but duller than chrome which provides a beautiful in-between option that gives you less sheen than standard chrome. Polished chrome is less susceptible to accidental scratches.
  • White: Lacquered finish that provides a crisp, clean, and bright appearance.
  • Black Matte: Provides a dark matte finish.
  • Black Brushed: A familiar brushed look but in black.
  • Brown: A dark lacquered aluminum which provides a rich dark-chocolate brown color.
  • Brushed Bronze: A champagne-like color with a familiar brushed effect.
  • Mocha: A lacquered dark coffee-bean or milk-chocolate brown (not as dark as the Brown finish).
  • Light Bronze/Champagne: A beautiful beige color (similar to champagne) with a has a muted matte sheen.
  • Green: Vibrant and similar to dark green blades of grass. Available in shiny, or matte.
  • Orange: Vibrant and similar to the color of Fanta Orange Soda. Available in shiny, or matte.
  • Dark Blue: Vibrant and dark like an “ocean” blue. Available in shiny, or matte.
  • Light Blue: Vibrant and similar to a slightly darker “sky” blue. Available in shiny, or matte.
  • Red: Lacquered, and provides a dark pomegranate seed-red.
  • Violet: A vibrant, electric purple.
  • Yellow: A very vibrant rich, sunny yellow. Available in shiny and matte.
  • Glossy Black: Lacquered, smooth and shiny.
  • Inox: Similar to Brushed Bronze, but has a slightly more yellow tint.
  • Gold: Similar to polished chrome but in a gold finish. Has a muted appearance and is not too shiny like a typical gold finish might be.

**Note: color appears a bit darker when matte.                                                                                                                                                                                             

**When choosing a stainless steel finish, we advise purchasing sample to ensure the finish matches your stainless steel appliances.

Handle Borings: Minimum Distance


Hinge Borings: Minimum Distance


Aluminum Frame Doors

Aluminum Frame Doors

Hinge borings for aluminum doors

How to Measure for Hinges

You will need to do this if you want us to drill your new doors for hinge holes. To measure for hinge holes you will need to do the following:

  1. Measure from the top edge of the door to the center of the top hinge hole for the top hinge position
  2. Then measure from the bottom edge of the door to the center of the bottom hinge hole for the bottom hinge position. It is important to measure every door as some hinge hole positions may vary.

If your door has more than two hinge holes we recommend the following:

  1. If the door has three hinge holes, measure from the top edge of the door to the center of the hinge in the middle. If the middle hinge is exactly halfway up the door, specify the position as ‘center’.
  2. If the door has four hinge holes, measure the two top hinges from the top edge of the door to the center of each hinge. Then measure the two bottom hinges from the bottom edge of the door to the center of each hinge.

Hinges drillings


Do You Sell Cabinet Boxes As Well As Doors?

We no longer sell cabinet boxes (full cabinets).

Do You Install Doors?

We provide no installation services.

Is It Easy To Install Your Doors?

The doors come fully assembled (unless specified otherwise) and drilled for hardware (if you specified for it). All you have to do is install the hinge on the door and mounting plate to your cabinet.

Do I Need Special Hinges for Aluminum Frame Doors?

Most of the hinges are compatible with aluminum frame doors. However, it is always a good idea to check with the hinge manufacturer to make sure that they are.

Do I Need Special Hinges for Wide Aluminum Frames?

We generally use standard BLUM hinges. If you’d prefer something else, please specify with the manufacturer and part/model number or boring/drilling pattern of your hinge.


Hinges for Wide Aluminum Frames


Do I Need Special Hinges for Narrow Frame Aluminum Doors?

Hinges for Narrow Aluminum Frames

Hinges for Narrow Aluminum Frames

Yes! Because the frame is narrow, you will need a hinge that will suite a narrow frame. Check out our page on Hinges for Narrow Aluminum Frames

Can You Pre- Drill My Door/s for Hinges?

Yes! We can pre-drill for any type of hinges you want to use. You need to provide us with the type of hinge you are using, along with the drilling pattern as well as the location of the hinge borings.

Can I Buy Hinges From You?

Yes, we supply BLUM hinges that come with mounting plates and screws.

Can You Put Hinges On For Me?

We do not ship our products with hinges installed as they may damage the product while in transit.

Do You Offer Safety Glass?

Our regular glass (acid etched, clear, parsol, master glass, etc)  comes both tempered and not tempered. Our painted glass has two safety feature options; safety film (adhered to the back of the glass) and conventional tempering.

Can I Change The Glass If It Breaks?

For the frames, except Pisa and Imola where the glass is adhered to the frame, it is very easy to replace the glass. To do this, disassemble the frame by unscrewing the inside corner brackets, take the frame apart, carefully take out any remaining glass pieces, then slide the new glass into the gaskets and carefully reassemble the frame.

Are Your Products Safe To Ship?

We are proud of our safe shipping record and take every precaution to ensure the merchandise reaches you safely. We will assist you in every way in case something does happen and work on replacements in a timely manner. All damages must be reported within first 14 days of the delivery. Cronos Design® reserves the right to inspect all damage claims.

Production & Shipping time Frames

Our goal is to ship your order as quickly as possible — subject to the end of the production cycle, receipt of payment, and credit authorization.

Delivery and production dates are only estimates and are based on historical data and averages.
Production starts within 24-48 hours after the order is placed and submitted into production — subject to the final approval of the order by production manager. Business days are Monday through Friday, not including holidays.


Limited Product Warranty: All products sold by Cronos Design® are guaranteed from defective workmanship, warpage or excessive twist (otherwise normal and tolerant under product specifications), and discoloration for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Under this guarantee our obligation shall be limited to the repair and/or exchange of any product proved defective under normal use and proper care. This warranty will not apply to items improperly handled, stored, exposed to excessive heat, light, cold, humidity, improperly finished on the part of the customer, or improperly installed. Cronos Design® will replace only the materials that were originally supplied. Any additional costs such as finishing, labor costs, etc. is not covered under this warranty.

All products are made to order and according to custom specifications; once your order is placed, no changes or cancellations will be permitted. Products are guaranteed to be the correct size and specifications as ordered by the customer. The customer must provide proof by returning any improperly manufactured items to Cronos Design® before any refunds are to be issued. All damages must be reported within first 14 days of the delivery. All original packaging must be saved for claim purposes. Cronos Design® reserves the right to inspect all damage claims.

General Cleaning/Care Instructions:

Glass Cleaning

Aluminum Products:

We suggest cleaning our products with a warm cloth with water and very mild soap.

  • Make sure cloths, sponges, etc. are grit free.
  • No harsh or strong chemicals.
  • Avoid temperature extremes.
  • No Abrasive cleaners.
  • We suggest testing a small area first.

High Gloss Products:

We suggest cleaning our products with a warm cloth with water and very mild soap.

  • Make sure cloths, sponges, etc. are grit free.
  • No harsh or strong chemicals.
  • Avoid temperature extremes.
  • No Abrasive cleaners.
  • We suggest testing a small area first.

LED Mirrors:

  • Mirror: Common glass cleaners (Avoid using commercial cleaners with acid, ammonia, etc.)
  • Aluminum Frame: (Refer to Our General Cleaning/Care Instructions)