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Laminate Doors

Laminate Doors

Laminate Doors

Laminate cabinet doors are the standard at the lower end of the market but can look great in a better appointed kitchen. Our laminate doors come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Try combining laminate with lacquered high gloss or aluminum frame with glass doors to make your kitchen stand out. Doors can be manufactured to any size in every color imaginable; choose from bright colors or bold patterns to wood grain options. Laminate is suitable for kitchen and office worktops, restaurant and hotel tables, front elements.

Benefits of Laminate Doors

  • All doors manufactured on a made to order basis allowing you to choose your desired size, color, and finish.
  • Ideally suited for more demanding locations where regular cleaning and maintenance is essential.
  • Durable multi-layer face protects against consistent impact; excellent scratch resistant properties.
  • Low maintenance – wipe over with a clean damp cloth and it is clean again.
  • Insensible to household commonly liquids
  • Fade resistant
  • Not susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity

Door Styles

Laminate Doors
Laminate Doors 
Laminate Doors 

Laminate doors
laminate doors 
Laminate doors 


UNI Color Laminate Colors Selection:

Laminate U104_ST15U104- Alabaster
Laminate U107_ST9U107 Velvet Yellow
Laminate U108_ST15U108 – Vanilla
Laminate U140U140 -Saffron
Laminate doorsU156- Sand Beige
Laminate doorsU204 Camel
Laminate DoorsU206 – Malaga

Laminate DoorsU224 -Silk

Laminate DoorsU311- Burgundy
Laminate DoorsU317 Clay
Laminate doorsU321 – Red

Laminate DoorsU223 -Chilli Red

Laminate doorsU518- Ice Blue
Laminate DoorsU522 Horizon
Laminate DoorsU525 – Blue

Laminate doorsU532 -Petrol

Laminate doors U634- Velvet Green
Laminate doorsU625- Apple Green
Laminate doorsU628- Green

Laminate doorsU630- Lime Green

Laminate Doors U129- Sun Yellow
Laminate DoorsU140- Saffron
Laminate DoorsU329- Tangerine

Laminate DoorsU332- Orange

Laminate DoorsU708- Light Grey
Laminate DoorsU727- Stone Grey
Laminate DoorsU730- Basalt
Laminate DoorsU732- Dust Grey
Laminate dooorsU741- Lava
Laminate DoorsU763- Pearl Grey
Laminate DoorsU775- White Grey
U617U617- Wasabi
Laminate doorsU807- Nougat
Laminate doorsU808- Mocha
Laminate DoorsU961- Graphite
Laminate DoorsU999- Black
Laminate DoorsW908- Basic White
Laminate DoorsW1000- Platinum White
Laminate doorsW10009- Platinum White
Laminate DoorsW1200- Porcelain

Wood Tone Selection:

Laminate DoorsH1111- Snakewood

Laminate DoorsH1129- Thermo Oak

Laminate Doors H1137H1137- Black Brown Ferrara Oak

Laminate DoorsH1145- Natural Bardolino Oak

Laminate DoorsH1146- Grey Bardolino Oak

Laminate DoorsH1151- Brown Authentic Oak

Laminate doorsH1215- Brown Cassino Ash

Laminate DoorsH1267- Sand Molina Ash

Laminate DoorsH1277- Light Lakeland Acacia

Laminate DoorsH1298- Sand Lyon Ash

Laminate DoorsH1334- Light Ferrara Oak

Laminate DoorsH1372- Natural Aragon Oak

Laminate DoorsH1394- Sand Cremona Oak

Laminate DoorsH1424- Woodline Cream

Laminate DoorsH1428- Woodline Mocha

Laminate DoorsH1474- White Avola

Laminate DoorsH1476- Champagne Avola

Laminate DoorsH1484- Brown Grey Avola

Laminate DoorsH1487- Bramberg Pine

Laminate DoorsH1502- Alder

Laminate DoorsH1511- Bavarian Beech

Laminate DoorsH1521- Maple

Laminate DoorsH1555- Wenge

Laminate DoorsH1582- Ellmau Beech

Laminate DoorsH1586- Weathered Beech

Laminate DoorsH1599- Chocolate Tyrolean Beech

Laminate DoorsH1615- Romana Cherry

Laminate DoorsH1698- Natural Lombard Cherry

Laminate DoorsH1706- Cherry

Laminate DoorsH 1709- French Walnut

Laminate DoorsH1733- Mainau Birch

Laminate DoorsH1950- Natural Calvados

Laminate DoorsH1951- Sienna Calvados

Laminate DoorsH3005- Grey Beige Zebrano

Laminate DoorsH3006- Sand Zebrano

Laminate DoorsH3012- Coco Bolo

Laminate doorsH3025- Macassar

Laminate DoorsH3031 Dark Cordoba Olive

Laminate doorsH3058- Mali Wenge

Laminate DoorsH3070- Natural Urbano

Laminate DoorsH3078- Hacienda White

Laminate DoorsH3080- Sierra Mahogany

Laminate DoorsH3081- Hacienda Black

Laminate DoorsH3082- Amazonas

Laminate DoorsH3090- Driftwood

Laminate doorsH3114- Tirano Pearwood

Laminate DoorsH3128- Natural Plum

Laminate DoorsH3129- Autumn Plum

Laminate DoorsH3303- Natural Arlington Oak

Laminate DoorsH3304- Lacquered Chateau Oak

Laminate doorsH3306- Anthracite Chateau Oak

Laminate DoorsH3332- Grey Nebraska Oak


Laminate DoorsH3353- Grey Cortina Oak

Laminate doorsH3363- Anthracite Highland Oak

Laminate DoorsH3370- Brown Moorland Oak

Laminate DoorsH3387- Rustic Oak

Laminate DoorsH3389- Natural Light Oak

Laminate doorsH3399- Black Cortina Oak

Laminate doorsH3410- Sand Larch

Laminate doorsH3662- Natural Light Venetian Cherry

Laminate DoorsH3700- Natural Pacific Walnut

Laminate doorsH3702- Tobacco Pacific Walnut

Laminate DoorsH3704- Tobacco Aida Walnut

Laminate DoorsH3753- Country Montana Larch

laminate doorsH3755- White Swiss Larch

Laminate Doors H3758- Helsinki Birch

Laminate DoorsH3775- Light Tennessee Walnut

Laminate doorsH3778- Natural Caribbean Maple

Laminate DoorsH3840- Natural Mandal Maple

Laminate doorsH3911- Natural Tauern Beech

Laminate doorsF274- Light Concrete

Dark ConcreteF275- Dark Concrete

Laminate doorsF425- Beige Linen

Laminate DoorsF426- Grey Linen

Laminate doorsF427- Beige Leather

Laminate doorsF440- Quartz Bronze

Laminate doorsF488- Quartz Cuban

Laminate doorsF501- Titanium

Laminate doorsF509- Aluminum

Laminate doorsF633- Grey Brown Metallo