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High Gloss Doors

High Gloss / Matte Lacquered Doors

High Gloss Kitchens

High Gloss Lacquered cabinet doors will give your kitchen a modern/contemporary stylish look, enhancing the busy kitchen environment with practicality. The multi-layered painted finish will ensure that our beautiful high gloss finish resists scratches much better than any vinyl gloss door would. Over 150 different color options for endless design possibilities.

Matte Lacquered Doors are also available in SoftTouch, a special coating that softens the touch of the door. It provides the door with an anti-glare softness and scratch resistance after just one coat.

  • Multi-layered painted finish
  • Enhanced resistance to scratches, chemical agents and humidity
  • Smooth surface will not promote growth of germs
  • Helps create hygienic kitchen
  • Average fabrication time only 4-5  weeks

  High Gloss / Lacquered Doors Catalog

Door Styles:

Please select available door finish below to preview available inserts and integrated handle options.

LUCCALucca High Gloss Doors
CORTINACortina High Gloss Doors 
SAVONASavona High Gloss Doors 
TERAMO PESAROhigh gloss cabinet doors
GENOVAGenova High Gloss Doors 
NOVARANovara High Gloss Doors 
PIANOPiano High Gloss Doors
FANOFano High Gloss Doors 
FORLIForli High Gloss Doors 
FOGGIAHigh Gloss Doors - Foggia
SALERNOHigh Gloss Doors - Salerno 
FLORENCEHigh Gloss Doors - Florence 

 Standard Color Options

Choose more colors from ICA and RAL color charts:

ICA Color Chart


RAL Color Chart