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Veneer Doors

Veneer Doors
Veneer Kitchens

Our Traditional/Exotic Veneer door fronts are manufactured with 2mm matching veneer edging, available in a slab style door or with integrated handles. The doors are finished with the same veneer on the front and back sides, and are also available with a high gloss finish.

Veneer Kitchen
Veneer Kitchens
Veneer Kitchens






Wenge Luisiana WELX17SP Wenge Luisiana WELX17SP

zebrano-white-zeb-y41dp Zebrano White ZEB-Y41 / DP

zebrano-cappuccino-zec-x18spZebrano Cappuccino zecx18sp

zebrano-black-zecz-y19spZebrano Black ZECZ-Y19 / SP

rosewood-brazil-pb-y45h3fBrazilian Rosewood pb-y45h3f

palisander-rio-pr-y02sfPalisander Rio PR-Y02/SF

palisander-santos-ps-y38dfRosewood Santos ps-y38df

walnut-milano-orm-y43dpWalnut Milano ORM-Y43-DP

olive-cordoba-olc-x27hp     Olive Cordoba olc-x27 / hp

olive-malaga-olm-y52hf     Olive Malaga OLM-Y52 / HF

olive-prima-olp-x28sp     Olive Prima-OLP-X28 / SP

olive-sevilla-ols-x26hp     Olive Sevilla OLS-X26-HP

ebony- wide-striped-hesz-y23spEbony Wide Striped HESZ-Y23-SP

ebony-macassarr-hem-x21spEbony Macassarr hem-x21sp

ebony-corvina-heco-y37dpEbony Corvina heco-y37/dp

olive-argento-ola-y33sp     Olive Argento ola-y33sp

mahos-dark-mhc-y32sfMahos Dark mhc-y32sf

ebony-bolivian-heb-y46spEbony Bolivian heb-y46sp

heban-cejlon-hec-y30spEbony Ceylon hec-y30 / sp

ebony-amarone-hea-y36dpEbony Amarone-hea-y36dp

Smoked Oak Smoked Oak

Bleached Oak

American Cherry Striped suitAmerican Cherry Striped Suit

American cherry fladerAmerican Cherry Flader


Birch Tree   Birch Tree

Black Diamond 13.08   Black Diamond 13.08



Steel Oak 11.02     Steel Oak 11.02

Simple oak     Simple Oak

Oak ashen 11.06     Oak Ashen 11.06

Platinum Oak 10.83Platinum Oak 10.83

Cocoa OakCocoa Oak

Oak Flader     Oak Flader

Rustic Oak 10.60Rustic Oak 10.06

Classic Oak 20.63Classic Oak 20.63

Oak Breeze 10.69     Oak Breeze 10.69

Bleached oak classic 20.64 Bleached Oak Classic 20.64

Oak zephyr 10.81     Oak Zephyr 10.81

Smoked Oak EBF2Z381XP12Smoked Oak EBF2Z381XP12


Brazilian ebony 2E377V Brazilian Ebony 2E377V

Yoruba ebonyYoruba Ebony

Heban Makassar pasiakEbony Makassar Striped

Heather makassar flader 2e37500pHeather Makassar Flader 2e37500p

Ebb flader     Ebb Flader

black and white ebony     Black and White Ebony

Heban ammara EBF23E19500Y17Ebony Makassar Pasiak

Graphite oak TBT2B2075Graphite Oak TBT2B2075

Bolivian WalnutBolivian Walnut

American walnutAmerican Walnut

Living rock 13.09Living Rock13.09

Lagoon alabasterLagoon Alabaster


Maple peacock eye 10.02Maple Peacock Eye 10.02

Ash      Ash

Ash ash 10.08     Ash Ash 10.08

Indian rosewoodIndian Rosewood

Walnut dark coughWalnut Dark Cough

Black Walnut 10.19 Black Walnut 10.19 

Classic Walnut 20.13 Classic Walnut 20.13

Walnut canaletto fladerWalnut Canaletto Flader


Walnut canaletto straight Walnut Canaletto Straight

Wenge fine-grained Wenge Fine-grained

Vavona pearl 11.08Vavona Pearl 11.08

Teak     Teak

Teak rigatto ST2T29700Y32      Teak Rigatto ST2T29700Y32

Striped agate Striped Agate

Sand erable 11.07     Sand Erable 11.07


Palisander santos 2P382 Palisander Santos 2P382

Wenge flader Wenge flader

Pine     Pine

Oak moro ST2V7600Y17     Oak moro ST2V7600Y17

Gray Oak 1      Gray oak 1

Gray oak 2      Gray oak 2

Oak 1     Oak 1

Oak 3     Oak 3

Palisander Madagaskar EBF23P38000CZA32Palisander Madagaskar EBF23P38000CZA32

wenge1 2N138V Wenge1 2N138V


Vintage Oak 13.B16Vintage Oak 13.B16

Vintage Ash 26.B07Vintage Ash 26.B07

Walnut Natural Latte 51.029Walnut Natural Latte 51.029

Walnut Natural Espresso 51.027Walnut Natural Espresso 51.027

Oldstyle Sucupira F4.001Oldstyle Sucupira F4.001

Natural Grey Oak MN 13.491Natural Grey Oak MN 13.491

Natural Oak MN 13.497Natural Oak MN 13.497

Zebrano Natural Alicante Green 03.015Zebrano Natural Alicante Green 03.015

Natural Grey Oak MN 13.491Natural Grey Oak MN 13.491

Modern Vintage Eucalyptus 35.B08Modern Vintage Eucaliptus E5.B08

Lati Natural Vanilla 86.023     Lati Natural Vanilla 86.023

Lati Natural Cocoa 86.029     Lati Natural Cocoa 86.029

Lati Natural Dusk 86.021     Lati Natural Dusk 86.021

Lati Natural Caffe 86.009     Lati Natural Coffee 86.009

Lati Natural Bronze 86.027     Lati Natural Bronze 86.027

Larix Silver Stripe 77.001     Larix Silver Stripe 77.001

Koto 58 04.058     Koto 58 04.058

Koto Top Violet 04.036     Koto Top Violet 04.036

Koto Top Grenade 04.062     Koto Top Grenade 04.062

Koto Natural Tundra 04.041     Koto Natural Tundra 04.041

Koto Natura Taiga 04.042     Koto Natural Taiga 04.042

Koto Natural Graphite 04.003     Koto Natural Graphite 04.003

Koto Natura Arktica 04.002     Koto Natural Arctic 04.002

Koto Natura Americano 04.073     Koto Natura Americano 04.073

Koto 43 04.043     Koto 43 04.043

Ash Top Red 26.074     Ash Top Red 26.074

Ash Top Orange 26.035    Ash Top Orange 26.035

Ash Top Black 26.051      Ash Top Black 26.051

Silver Ash 26.053     Silver Ash 26.053

Grey Vintage Eukaliptus E5.B09     Grey Vintage Eucalyptus E5.B09

Eucalyptus Terra E5.119    Eucalyptus Terra E5.119

Eukaliptus Rigato Bio E5.B01      Eucalyptus Streaked Bio E5.B01

Eucaliptus 3D Nero E5.S.001     Eucalyptus 3D Black E5.S.001

Eucaliptus 3D Marrone E5.S.002 Eucalyptus 3D Brown E5.S.002

White Oak 13.041   White Oak 13.041

Choco Ash 26.004      Choco Ash 26.004

Afara 22.001

Afara 22.001

The Design Collection Woods are decorative reconstituted wood ensuring all the warmth and naturalness of the original raw material, in addition to color and depth that overcome every aesthetic limit.